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Bitumen Pressure Distributor

MODEL BS/42/4000/5000/6000

Truck mounted self propelled Bitumen Pressure Distributor with suitable heating system and variable spray bar to operate on constant pressure system, complete with air-compressor, bitumen pump, auxiliary engine, tank mounting and other accessories for uniform and constant rate applications of hot bitumen (or cold tar) as per the specifications indicated below.


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Capacity : 4000 / 5000 / 6000 / litres
Shape : Rectangular / Oval shape with light resin bonded rock wool insulation 50 mm. thick.
Manhole : 600 mm. dia.
Filter : Removable screen filter
Filling of Tank : i) Through manhole. ii) Through self-priming by own pump.
Temperature   Dial type thermometer of range 0° to 250° (minimum).
Tank Contents Measurement : With calibrated dipstick

Engine : 4 - Stroke twin cylinder air / water cooled diesel engine of 25 hp at 2000 RPM.
Bitumen Pump : Shuttle Block Type 380 to 450 litres per minute.
Compressor : Double cylinder 3 HP. Pressure 9 Kg./sq. cm. maximum. Capacity 360 litres.

Type of Burner : Single high pressure oil burner for adequate heating of viscous binder, oil consumption 20 lt/hr.
Tank Capacity : 50 litres.
Fire Tube : 230 mm. dia.

Type : Folding type fitted with pressure gauge, regulating valve etc.
Width : Variable width from 2.4 to 4.2 metres by extension bar.
Width Adjustment : By closing of nozzles.
Adjustment of height : Mechanical.
Pre-heating of spray bar : By full circulation of preheated bitumen.
Distance of nozzles : 225 mm.
Spraying pressure : To be adjusted between 0-6 bars.
Hand lances : 2 Nos
Cleaning : By air pressure or diesel oil.
Rate of application : 0.3 to 1.0 Kg. / sq.m. Calibration chart will be provided inside the driver's cabin and at the operator's platform.

The operation of the spray bar is from operator's platform at the rear.
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